Thursday, June 7, 2012

Back in America (Last post) Maybe...

So me and my family got back about a month ago... we have been hanging out with friends, and seeing people we haven't seen in a really long time:)

I have been hanging out with Christine a lot since we got back! It has been loads of fun<3
When we first got back, my family didn't really have a set place to stay. So i stayed with Christine for the first week and a half that we were here<3 YAY

I basically made this blog to be a journal that i could also put pictures about my time in China, so now i that am back in America, i will not really post, if i do it will be every once in a while, and it will probably because i am doing or about to do something BIG! Ok, so yeah i hope that if you follow my bog you have enjoyed it!:)


Leah Adeline<3

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last date for me and BeCkY:(

The other day, me and Becca went on our last date together:'( It was ALOT of fun! But not only did we get to have a date, we also spent the whole day together, first we met up and i took her to my work(because she is going to get my job when we leave) and after that we had our date, then we went back to her house and hung out and did a little school. Then we went to my other job. And after that we left each other, but my other job ended at 7:30. So we spent from 10:20 in the morning to 7:30 and night!!!! WOW, but the good thing is, i didn't get sick of her at all<3
                                                     On the bus over to McDonalds!
                                                               Silly photo!
                                                                   Also silly photo!
       We went to KFC really fast, and becca was looking at the sign, but she looked like she was hungry!
                                         Last photo from our date:( I wish i would have taken more!
Leah Adeline<3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet 16!

When we first got to Shanghai, we were walking to the restaurant, and we were right beside "The Bund" So we took a couple photo's!
                                                            Me and Annie
                         WE ate at an amazing restaurant called "Lost Heaven":)
                                                      Sitting at the table with our group!
                                          Us five girls on The Bund!
                                                        Our group on The Bund!
                                                We went to desert at "The Waldorf"! It was great!
                                        We spent the night at the Brantinghams house! Us five girls with Maggie!
                                               And the next day we went to the fake market!
It was a great B-day party:)
Leah Adeline<3
After church last week, we went to a Indian restaurant with a lot of people! It was fun:)
We got to eat a lot of fun, different foods that i had never eaten before! I love trying knew foods!:)

Leah Adeline<3

Real Ballerina's!

When we went to Bethy's recital we had a little time before that we got to hang out, it was fun:)
                                                                            WOOW WOOW!
                                       All the kids in there seats about to watch the performance!
                                                Watching the performance<3
                                       Bethy peeking out from behind the curtains!
                                                           Doing their little jig:)
It was a lot of fun getting to see Bethy dancing up there like a real ballerina! And it makes me sad knowing it will be the last time:(

Leah Adeline<3

Japanese In China?!

The other day my family and I went to a Japanese restaurant with my parents friends! It was fun, but it was definitely different from what I am used to!

                                                     Our group! SO MUCH SUSHI!
                                        My mom really wanted us to get a picture with the cooks!
Leah Adeline<3

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Shopping Expedition!

WE went to a really big shopping area with the Jones's, and there was a wig store! 
         This is a really random photo, especially because it is the only one! But this is the only photo i took!

Leah Adeline<3